Leading Regional Fashion Watch Retailer

CLIENT: Alyasra Fashion
LOCATION: Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Bahrain & Qatar)
SECTOR: Retail

SCOPE: Brand audit & research / Brand strategy / Brand identity / Brand language / Collateral design / Brand guidelines / Retail design


On Time is a leading watch retailer in the Middle East focusing on popular & premium fashion brands such as Boss, DKNY & Michael Kors.

Since launching in 2001, market competitiveness had increased rapidly. Alyasra Fashion approached Ninth Space, as one of the best branding companies, to advise on the enhancements needed to boost market share & brand loyalty, increase sales & create the best possible retail experience.

Insights & Strategy

A brand audit uncovered how the brand was being overshadowed by the brands it sold. The retail experience as a whole had not been considered in depth. For example, gifting was found to be a large proportion of revenue but this wasn’t leveraged. There was also inconsistent use of the brand elements.

The strategy focused on defining a new, compelling brand positioning (On Time as the fashion watch curator) and brand essence (On Time is being “In Fashion”).


From this, inspired by watch mechanics, we crafted a bold, youthful yet distinctive brand identity and visual language.

Modern & simple in it’s execution, we were able to leverage the pull of the product brands whilst infusing new strength & vitality into the brand.

The brand personality also came through in the retail store design which was developed to facilitate a positive customer experience and to act as a catalyst to increased footfall and sales.